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We accept the love we think we deserve.

stare at the sun until you go blind

I wished for such elegance to be born within me.
I have never tried so hard to be something so free.
I thought maybe if I listened, and I became what I wished to be,
Maybe I could leave behind, this selfish side of me.
And who the hell needs love, when you've got such haste?
My heart would ring it's church bells in a sign that you'd be saved.
Because you can only save yourself when someone wants you free,
I want you free, I want you free, I want you free.

i'm taking this suitcase and packing all my clothes.
i'm walking out that door no matter what you say.
i'll take an airplane to new york and begin my life out there.
far away from everything.
i'll settle down in a flat south from the mall.
and buy "french for dummies"
once i get a job i'll save up money.
i'll work hard, you'll be proud of me.
once i reach my goal i will fly away to france.
i'll make my way through cities, and try to get by.
i'll write bad poetry that doesn't rhyme,
and songs that no one will understand.
i'll get away and build myself to an unbreakable point.
then i'll come back and search for you.
i don't know if i'll break or fall when i see you.
but you will be proud of me.
i know.

My name is Valentina/ Val/ Morris :P/ Human.

and there is something so familiar to the way he sometimes says, "wish i could see you."
remember that night when we said we would meet?
you would have walked all night for me.
you must have really thought you loved me.

I like writing